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We help you measure your parts consistently

Opus ST offers its expertise for the design of jigs and fixtures adapted to CMM and vision machines. This way, you ensure repeatability in the measurement of your parts on your 2D or 3D machines. Whether you work in the lab or on the production floor, we enable you to carry out your measurements in the best conditions.

Jigs and fixtures adapted to your processes

Jigs and fixtures immobilise a part during inspection, thus optimising the reliability of the measurements. Inspection jigs and fixtures are essential to ensure that parts are positioned and held consistently over time. Metrology jigs and fixtures can handle any material, even those that can be deformed. The measurements can be carried out in a lab or on the production line. We design inspection jigs and fixtures that fit onto your machines and are easily handled by the operators, regardless of their level of experience. Measurements on the shop floor are just as reliable as those carried out in the lab. What’s more, Opus’ engineers are always available to support you.

Gauge R&R

All our products are designed to produce highly reliable measurements. To validate them, we carry out gauge R&R testing in our lab using a sample of your parts. Our solution is thus fully validated before it enters your shop floor.

Our expertise

For all your metrology inspection projects, our design engineers offer their expertise to cover each stage of your inspection project, such as the analysis and implementation of: Our proposals take into account the framework set by standard compliance and we adapt our solutions to each industry. Our projects span across the following industries:
  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Space and railway
  • Health
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics
  • Watches
  • Luxury

Turnkey project management

In order to guarantee the reliability of your product, we manage your project from A to Z. This enables us to optimize each stage and provide a solution that meets your requirements. We take particular care in understanding your compliance constraints regarding product dimensions and shape, as well as your manufacturing process and leadtimes.

Our experts by your side

Partners in the long run, they adapt their offering to your requirements.

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