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(design and manufacturing)

For optimal inspections


Independent measurement of each dimension


Adapted to your operators and parts


Adapted to all machine types


Metrology experts at your service


Founded by experts in metrology, Opus ST specialises in designing bespoke solutions

Opus ST offers

Metrology Fixtures opus ST

An experienced design engineering team

Checking fixtures opus ST

A manufacturing
and assembly unit

Inspection gauging device opus ST

A lab for calibration
and testing

Our products

Jigs & Fixtures

Opus ST designs bespoke metrology jigs and fixtures for CMM and vision machines.

Checking fixture

To enable you to control the critical dimensions of your parts, we propose solutions that are easy to set up and handle.

Gauge control tool

Fast dimensional testing. We design and calibrate a control gauge that is easy to handle and fits your parts perfectly.

Sensor integration

Our solutions can be operated manually or automatically and integrate contact or non-contact sensors.

Other services

Metrology control consultancy

We help you define your needs and propose the metrology fixture that enables you to streamline your process.

Fixtures for climatic chambers

Testing in a climatic chamber enables you to validate the compliance of your product and add value.

Fixture for photogrammetry

Fixtures for photogrammetry are particularly suited for vehicle light testing.

Design engineering team

We address your needs in a wide array of fields, beyond metrology.

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